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Czech Thumbprint Optics - Jeweler - Murmac


This label on an Ebay item
should put to bed any doubts about the Czech origin of these thumbprint optics - discussed previously in this thread,3264.0.html
and maybe others.

This label is particularly informative but just as mysterious as the last one I tried to interpret !  :roll:

--- Quote ---Marked with paper laber that reads "GENUINE JEWELER BOHEMIA MURMAC MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA".
--- End quote ---

Marcus alerted but may not be around. Ivo any ideas ?


Possibly designed by Kannegeiser. He worked at Zelezny Brod, and was responsible for the "Nemo" range, which is similar, with coloured/lustred lenses.
ebay item no

I'm glad to have found out a bit about this type of vase.  I really like the big globe ones. they're quite architectural to look at.  And they're absolutely fantastic with little LED fairylights in.  :D

I've got a couple of the pearly painted ones too, but they're a bit gross to be honest.   8)  :x

Edit: lol You can see my gas mask if you look carefully...  :lol:

Vases with this type of decoration were made by many glass-works so you need to take shape, thickness etc into account. Farquharson certainly did something close, as did Whitefriars, Stuart and others non-english.


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