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Kosta LH 1842 - or possibly 1892 Amber to green vase, Vicke Lindstrand


Just received this rather nice  (I think) vase. I love the way the colour shades from a deep amber to a rich green at the mouth

Was wondering if it is possible to date it any closer  - I have found several references using Google which suggest either 1960's or 1970's.

Also, I think the engraved to base number is 1842 - seller had it listed as 1892 - Google comes up with both options on similar vases so obviously others have had the same problem in deciphering it.  Does anyone know which is correct please.
West Oz

Swedish glass catelogues only goes up to 1962/3, and the last LH is 1784, so I'd suggest it's probably 1963/4 ish, rather than 1970's


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