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Boda Afors designer with initials 'GN'

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Does anyone know of a Boda Afors designer with the initials G.N.? I've a few oil bottles that came wrapped in their original factory paper marked with the code GN4004 (if memory serves - I packed them away without photographing them!).

I know that the codes on Bertil Vallien pieces always start BV... so I presume this carried forward for other designers at the works.

Could the N be an H?
Ernst Gordon pieces are signed GH

Gunnel Nyman perhaps ,,, just a guess ,  i am good at that  :-\ Guessing wrong .


--- Quote from: johnphilip on December 19, 2012, 07:38:24 AM ---Gunnel Nyman perhaps ,,, just a guess ,  i am good at that  :-\ Guessing wrong .

--- End quote ---
I don't think Gunnel Nyman ever worked at Boda ┼fors

Nyman was my first thought, being the only GN glass designer I could think of, but there's no record that she ever designed for Boda Afors.

But I think kisslikeether has got the answer anyway. I went up to photograph the items, and the first one I grabbed definitely had GN... but then I looked at all the others and they were GH.

Typically, the first one I looked at - the only one I'd looked at until that point - had distorted lettering (the one on the left in the photo below).

Ernest Gordon it is, then. Thanks.  :)


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