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Glass trinket set pieces with ribbed ‘wings’ – ID = Brockwitz 3700 series

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A photo of some distinctive (presumably pressed) flint glass trinket set pieces, the like of which I can’t recall having seen before.

Pair of candlesticks, each with ridged feet, and columnar square-section stems with a pair of long, thin, horizontally-ribbed,  rectangular ‘wings.

Small, lidded trinket pot; body octagonal in section and with pair of rectangular, horizontally-reeded ‘wings’ to match the candlesticks; the lid finial is in the form of a double vertical column embellished with small reeded wings to match those on the pot body and candlesticks.

Larger matching trinket pot (possibly simply lacking a lid to match that of the smaller pot).

Sadly, no tray.

Any suggestions as to ID, please?

(Permission for the use of this image on GMB granted by lizzie-1234).

This I have seen and I can't recall if I know the maker. I'll rummage through my file.

A similar box is Brockwitz here


Thank you, Pamela. Great detective work!

Yes, thanks Pamela. :)x

The link Pamela gives shows a lidded box, pattern no. 3742, diameter = 11cm, shown in the 1936 & 1941 Brockwitz catalogue. Comes in clear and colours, and is shown as a decorative box. I can't find a matching trinket set in the catalogues, or even a standalone candlestick, which is a bit frustrating...


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