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Author Topic: Iridescent patterned design Perfume Bottle.  (Read 1328 times)

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Re: Iridescent patterned design Perfume Bottle.
« Reply #10 on: December 22, 2012, 02:24:38 AM »
Yes! a very nice piece indeed Chris.  Thanks to you.  I can now confirm I own a George Elliot Studio piece. :)   I did think the bottle was made with some sort of mold/fixed casing.  Wood came to mind,  mainly due to the uneven textured area, but did not want to be presumptuous in my early stages of investigation.  The detailed info. John has provided, does now seem more than likely the way it was made, which also includes the patterned design in his comments.

shards of broken glass of different colours have been randomly picked up and encased with a final casing of amber glass.  It appears also that a small piece of metallic foil has also been used. I would also suggest that in order to produce the shape of the piece that it was blown into & between two upright planks of wood which were placed upon the floor and perhaps held upright by the gatherer (the glass assistant).
   Now knowing that George Elliot also worked freelance, I now can see why some of his pieces are unique in there own right.

The overall height with the insert in the bottle is 8.7cm in height.   Around the insert area dia. that sits tight to the inner neck area, is clearly worn in two different sections which would coincide with the length and taper of the neck of the bottle.    I will post additional pictures later to show this. 

That was my fault John.  I forgot to take a picture with the teardrop stopper in the bottle, so I posted the pictures that I had already taken and mentioned that I would post the additional pictures later.   I suppose I should of made this a bit clearer.

I still agree though, even with the picture of the teardrop stopper, that it is a studio piece for display rather than as I had previously mentioned a perfume bottle.  A lovely decorative piece, that has all the influences from some of the mdina pieces I've owned and seen. 

There appears to be very limited amount of  pictures of his work, especially when trying to find out about bottles similar to the one I posted.   Does anyone know if most of his pieces are catalogued?

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