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Cenedese Scavo or wishful thinking? - ID = Sergio Rossi, made in Murano


This attractive scavo glass vase bears a paper label reading "Sarreid Ltd." and "Made in Italy," with a reference number. Sarreid is a high-end distributor of home decor and furniture items that has been in business for many decades.  I do not believe they actually manufacture anything themselves.  By some miracle, could it be a Cenedese piece?  I've found nothing comparable on the net, but it sure has the look and feel of a better piece.  I'm comfortable dating it to the 1970s or 1980s.  Any information would be appreciated.


It's not like any Cenedese scavo I've seen. Then again, it's not like Barbini either.  This will be an interesting one to watch aas it certainly is different.


Charles, it is a scavo vase by Sergio Rossi, made in Murano. Definite ID.

Thanks Anita. I'll have to learn more about this producer.  I've been collecting Murano glass for over a decade, and have never heard of them.

I had not, either. I had one of their pink calla lily vases like yours. I thought it was perhaps a piece of junk until I found a picture of a green one with a label. I still have the pictures of the green one -- not mine, so I can't include here. If you want to see the vase and label, just send an email and I'll send back some attached photos. I couldn't attach photos when I tried to send you an email from here.


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