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I am looking to purchase a few earlier pieces of mdina for my collection,  I know there is alot of mdna on ebay.

I was looking to add early shape fish vase, I missed this one on ebay item 181019926122

please post if you have anything for sale,

Thank you!

That was a nice one, but it wasn't cobalt - just thick teal - same as mine, which I'm not parting with.
I do have a massive, signed amethyst Fish - I know of only one which is a tiny bit taller. I would be willing to part with that one, but I do want a decent price for it!

That seller made an unwise decision methinks.

Thanks for the replies,

Sue I imagine the large Fish would be rather expensive! I would love to see a picture if you have one?

I'll track one down.  :)


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