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Glass Skyscraper for interest and any info you can give. ID = Nachtmann (maker)

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This is a very detailed Glass Skyscraper model, made by 'Magic Cristal'

The detail is amazing and every building has a different pattern on it.
There is even a little Yacht on the shoreline at the base.

Any furthr information about the maker and why this might have been made would be very much appreciated.

Perhaps as advertising for prospective customers?


PS.   Why are the photos so small Rosie?

Hi Ross,

I will try to load bigger ones on Boxing day.  I tried 700x300,  but they wouldn't load. :(
I wondered if it might be an advertising giveaway or even an architect trophy.  It is very high class crystal and very finely detailed,  not a cheap bit of tat like the cottages.
I know that Magic Cristal are West German and they make classic car models in glass,  but I have never seen anything like this before....I just HAD to have it! :)

Magic Crystal was a product of Hofbauer Crystal c1951-c1991 name was taken over by Nachtmann who continued to produce various sculptural items in the MC range. Except Hofbauer Crystal appears to be a trade mark of Anne Hütte Bleikristall, Windischeschebbach, Bavaria who folded in 1992 which ties up with 1991 closure. From 1994 Concorde Kristallglas GmbH were in their old address and presumably continuing Anne Hütte brand, despite Nachtmann having some tmś... well it gets confusing...

Maybe move to German glass for some unravelling, you could contact Nachtmann. Not supposed to be good on answers but if you can locate division which does design they might own up to this piece.

As to the Hofbauer name, well address of Annahütte was Hermann-Hofbauer-Strasse 6.

Nachtmann took over the failing Annahütte including their retail brands like Hofbauer and Magic Crystal. Nachtmann itself was taken over by the Riedel group and they run it as a brand name. Not so complex @ all.


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