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I have a blue Walther Viktoria available to swap

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Hello everyone
As much as I love this gorgeous Viktoria comport I would prefer another colour...if anyone has a different colour Viktoria and would like a blue one then I would be willing to swap this.There is absolutely no way that I would ever sell it only swap so please no questions about price.
I am a trusted collector and have done many good swaps with others including Black poppy and Rex so they can confirm I don't screw people over.
Feel free to get in touch

Hello again all
I still have this wonderful rare Viktoria set available aswell as a green Hubertus lamp blue Arabella lamp and pink Madonna figure,green Paradies with Berlin bowl.I am looking for swaps,my preferred colours in Walther are pink,amber and plain frosted.
Cheers for looking

Nigel I have tried to contact about a swap with a relief vase I have ,I have 2, a pink and a grey one , I can vouch for Nigel what ever deal he says he will always carry through with it , I have done business with him for years and he is one person I would always trust , REX

Hi Rex
Thanks for your email I have been working a 10 hour shift today so really pooped.
You're probably the only person that seems to keep in contact with me regarding sales and swaps.
My items are great pieces and rarer of Walther glass but to no avail nothing.
I would like a pink relief but I would rather swap the Madonna (unless it sells) for something like an amber koalas figure or an amber Relief clock,hope you don't think I am being picky.
I appreciate what you say about me on your post,I know sometimes I can seem a bit of a mouthy sod but I have most of my life been walked over and treated like a fool and bullied much as a child.I have had to learn to beat the bullies and stand up for myself and also be protective of my disabled parents who themselves have suffered prejudices.
I have the green Hubertus lamp still available for a swap and the blue Viktoria.

I would offer the pink relief and $300 pounds for the Madonna and bowl , REX


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