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Need help identifying Italian stemware


Hi there,

I was hoping someone could help me identify some stemware that were given to me. I'm planning on giving them to my mother, but I'd like as much information (because there wasn't much given to me).

Attached are four photos

The first shows all of the glasses that came in the box, the other three are more up close.

These were all in smaller boxes marked "made in Italy" but only the goblets had a label with style number (example 4/557) and a small certificate of guaranty inside. The one Cenedese is signed at the bottom and had a certificate about Simone Cenedese. There's no other markings.

I've attached a photo of the Cenedese with the etched signing on the bottom (see second photo)
The goblets came in two colors "orange" and "ruby red" (third photo is an example of the "orange optic goblet").
The fourth came with nothing. I don't know if something was lost along the way, or it's not really a murano glass. Not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



welcome to gmb Annie!

Murano is not my field, i am afraid - but i wish to bump your query before it's gone down to second page  :)

hopefully others with knowledge regarding Murano will drop in and assist, good luck!

I'm moving this to Murano and Italy as there are marks.. and someone there may be able to help.

Very nice glasses. I suspect the others are all from the same manufacturer. If it was me I would give the four that match (almost) and keep the cenendese separate for myself. Self centred I know but it strikes me as the best of the lot.

Others may know who made the other 4 but the Cenendese signature looks right although I have not seen a signature with Simone Cenedese before.

Simone Cenedese has a website here: might be worth sending them a photo and asking about the signed one?


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