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Masters: Blown Glass


Got this for Xmas - Masters: Blown Glass (Lark Crafts 2010) ISBN 978-1-60059-474-8 A beautiful book focussing on art glass with works by Dan Dailey, Marvin Lipofsky, Daniel Spitzer, Dick Weiss - in fact 40 artists are covered with excellent colour photos. I may not be able to afford the work of say Richard Meitner, but I can always dream.


Your not alone. Everyone sees glass in books they can only dream of getting with the aid of a lottery win  ;D I must stop drooling though  ;D.

Fabulous festive frolics to you Adam  ;D - and thanks so much for letting me know this book exists... I need it!

I wish I could post some pictures. The Maureen Williams and Hiroshi Yamano photos are spectacular.

Thanks Adam


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