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"New" Monart bubbly colourway

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I found this lovely little bowl at the weekend. ;D

Round polished pontil mark, with polished flat base surrounding it. Incredibly finely made, very thin glass, including the base.

Opaque lilac enamels, diffusely spread throughout the clear glass body, with deep purple, deep blue, deep green and deepish pinky clear enamel splodges at the base. (The one deepish pink splodge is over my forefinger in the third pic.)

It is also decidedly wonky in profile - it would make a nice stand for an ostrich egg.

It's mine, and staying that way.  8)

A nice find Sue, it looks like colour code 244 and shape JC. Could you post the size of the bowl.

I know Muzzy has been playing with the measuring tape. I will hunt for it...

Carolyn Preston:
I'm randomly assuming that Muzzy is a cat.  ;D


Currently, she is a tape-measure-hider, but mostly she's a cat, yes. :)

Found an ancient one - inches only.
Top diameter of the bowl is ~ 5".
Bottom diameter is ~ 2 and 3/4".
Height is variable.
1 and 7/8" at the shortest, to 2 and 1/8" at the tallest.

Gary, there isn't a 244 in Frank's catalogues. I can't find this colourway in any images, and the actual number 244 isn't even there....

That's why I did sort of think it might be appropriate to put "new" in the title here - and it is in inverted commas.


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