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Glass skyscraper proposal for Venice...

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This looks very ambitious!

And as if it could end up sinking the whole city...

Architecturally, I've seen far worse.  :)  We're getting it here in Dundee.

This is our new pigeon and seagull nesting site.

But they've already decided to move it inland.
You can see how disabled-friendly the entrance hall isn't as the pics go on...

Urrrgghhhhh, Sue, it looks like a derelict ship's hull, who thought that was a good idea?

Carolyn Preston:
Or a giant whale's tail.


I wonder how many folk in Venice would prefer $2.6 billion to be spent on restoration of the city?

As for the Dundee project - wonderful. They really should put it back to the coast. It looks good for all sorts of birds. Maybe peregrine will find the uppermost levels very suitable. And herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls may well take a liking to the rooftops. And there is so much space for kittiwakes and possibly gannet with guillemot nestling amongst them. At the lower levels, swifts and swallows and martins might find the recesses very comfortable. Oh, and all those wonderful covered ledges for the pigeons, too. In a few years, all the guano and other droppings will have created a marvellous variegated effect over the boring grey turning it into a sort of enormous slag glass effect. Brilliant. ;D


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