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Aimo Okkolin vase-age required


Greetings, would like an approximate time frame for this little cutie. Amethyst body with a base of clear glass, hand lettered to the base Riihimaen Lasi Oy Aimo Okkolin. 8cm high and a base of 4.5cm.
Many thanks for any comments and Happy New Year from New Zealand. Carol

Happy New Year to you too Carol!

This vase is called Nimipäivä & was produced 1959-1965 according to our friends over at


Many thanks kisslikeeather- I had just not looked hard enough as I had in my bookmarks. Have just had a look and my example is not as thick walled as the designlasi one though and 2 cm smaller- surely if it was molded the differences should not be so much??.
again my thanks, regards Carol

Firstly the size - it often happens there's more information on the pages with original language so it may be useful to peak and compare. ;)  I noticed the three different sizes are not mentioned in designlasi's English page of this design.  They were produced in 85, 100 and 135 mm so yours would be the smallest.
Since they were hand made the size is not always accurate.

What comes to the thickness and finish they seem to vary too. There are 3 different design numbers which may mean differences in the way they were made.
Some have a flared rim and others cut and polished. Some are thicker than others and the difference is easy to see from the top.
Also some exported models may have been different from the original.

Thank you px for the information- source language is always a plus but English speaking only am somewhat at a disadvantage. Good information though.
gratefully from a sweltering New Zealand- Carol


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