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'Strange fruit' perfume bottle - ID = Teign Valley Glass

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I gave this as a gift but it would still be nice to try and identify the maker.

A weighty bit of glass, well made and nicely finished, I assume it resembles a fruit of some sort... The body of the fruit is about 3 inches in diameter (8cm), the stem or stopper is curved and about 4 inches long (10cm). The stopper is not ground to fit and does not give an airtight seal so I guess it was intended to be decorative rather than practical (plus it does not stand 'upright'). The body was snapped off the blowing rod and the resulting mark fire polished, at the opposite end the tip is engraved with what looks like a monogram of HI or perhaps HL (the two letters joined together). The base glass is green and I assume the finish is a metallic oxide of some sort.

Any ideas?


Hard to tell from just pics, John, but all I can think is of the Randsfjordglas blue and green bubbly Benny pieces which have the partial casing over the grey metallic part... that your metal oxide might be something like the grey stuff used in those... then having gone in a Norwegian direction, could HL be Hadeland?

Nicely made, very attractive thing.  :)

flying free:
There is a possibility this was made by Teign Valley Glass.  I had two perfume bottles that were similar that stood on their sides (given as presents and stupidly didn't keep one for myself).  One was signed the other not.  They were designed by someone who was from the RCA or something, thought his name began with an H though.  I'll have a think and a trawl in the next few days and see if I can recollect any more info.
Here's a more current version - I'm think it's by them and think th einitials may be the designer's name.

Thanks Sue, Hadeland use a stylised H, with no L, at least on their labels:

m has hit the nail on the head once again (thank you m), TVG appears to be spot on especially considering on their website it states "The original piece in the pod series had a novel metallic glaze":

Excellent, my first pod, not fruit but seed pod I guess. ;D


Wow, well done, flying-free.  ;D
(Again.  ;) Smarty-pants.  :-* )


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