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Art Deco Nouveau Iridescent Vase Any Idea?

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Not a bother at all, Penelope, always happy to help. :) I've added your pic above and an enlarged view of the signature as well.

There's nothing in the board's error log as to why it wouldn't upload for you, so I guess the board / internet was having a silly 5 minutes. ;)

Thanks again, Anne. I have a feeling that the "silly" belongs to my computer rather than an internet glitch. I tried to post another picture and had the same problem. I'm trying again.

I see what you mean - Tifanny doesn't quite look right does it.

No, it doesn't look like Tiffany.

Off topic- thanks Ivo for the mini lesson on ruby glass. I have beautiful "red" stemware I've been researching for a good 3 years now with no luck. I found the definition(s) of ruby red quite confusing. I stumbled on a post where you said true ruby wasn't made after about 1830. I can't tell you how many people have told me that my stems were ruby gold- but they're not. Early-ish 20th century maybe but not pre-1830.

I believe your vase is actually a piece of Bohemian Cameo glass produced using an Acid Cut Back technique by Kralik. The LCT signature is an obvious addition by someone. Tiffany signatures are almost always, with very few exceptions, in a counter clockwise direction.....  In other words, written in the same direction, but below the pontil mark instead of above.....

Kralik ACB Cameo is generally found on a green or amethyst ground and is cut back from a Glatt Silberiris surface decor....  This is actually a pretty classic example of their style of work..... This would date to ca. 1900.

Very pretty example.....



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