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Art Deco Nouveau Iridescent Vase Any Idea?

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The past few days the search terms I used kept bringing up examples of Kralik and even Loetz. The Kralik had examples of little things like the purple and the texture and same with the Loetz although not quite like the Kralik. But I kept dismissing it. After I read your post I included Cameo along with Kralik and there it was! Wow! I found a few examples on google images but the best example was one that I found on an ebay completed listing. There it was!

Thank you so much for your help, Craig. That was thrilling to find. Thank you.

My pleasure...  Great vase......

Someone posted two pieces on Collectors Weekly that look very similar to yours, identified as Kralik.

ETA: Whoops!  Looks like someone beat me to it.  That's what I get for posting w/o reading thru the rest of the responses.


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