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Art Deco Nouveau Iridescent Vase Any Idea?

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I'm sorry, I tried several times to post a picture of the signature along with my last post but for some reason I couldn't. The size was only 99.8KB (or something close). I'm not good with computers.

LCT was not the best signer in the world - see some of his stles

Thank you for the signature link. The signature on this vase is wrong on a couple of levels. I wish I could post a picture of the bottom of the vase and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong when I try to. I was hoping that the bottom of the vase might give some clue to the potential maker and or actual era. The picture is no different in size than the other pictures I've posted. Any suggestion on why I'm not able to post this last picture?

Mod: images added for Penelope

Penelope, if you can't get the pic to the right size please email me a copy of the full sized image and I'll resize and add it for you. email to yobunny @  (close up the spaces of course).

Thank you, Anne, for your help. I've sent you the picture. Sorry for the bother.


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