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Victorian pressed glass bath chair or pram Rd.150277 - ID = Greener

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Anne E.B.:
I'm not too sure if this is a pram or bath chair :)  Impressed Rd.50277 on the inside which dates it to c.1886, and possibly Sowerby, but not too sure ???  Presumably its a sweet.  Measuring 6" in length, 4" at it highest and 3" across.
I haven't been able to track down a similar one and would appreciate anyone else's opinions.

Hiya t'other Anne! You're missing a digit...  :-*

It's RD 150277, dated 3 June 1890, and made by Greener and Co, described as a "chariot with gadroons". 

See illustration on page 14 & details on page 15 of Jenny Thompson's, The Identification of English Pressed Glass 1842-1908. :)

Anne E.B.:
Doh! You are absolutely right! I'm missing a bit more than a digit!  ;D
Many thanks t'other Anne :-*

Very nice Anne I would say its quite rare I have never come across one myself . I do know they were also made in at least blue pearline .


Anne E.B.:
A blue version would be lovely, but I was probably lucky to come across this one Roy ;).  I don't have a copy of Jenny Thompson's book (yet...) but there is an amber version shown in the V&A online museum, where it is described as a flower holder or ornament.

I do have a Greener basket in their blue opalescent hobnail pattern.  Its marked Rd.160244 which dates it to 16 Dec. 1892, and use to have an amber one, but I'm not too fond of amber.  I use it to hold soap petals.  I try to use as much old glass as possible, rather than it just being stuck on a shelf collecting dust.


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