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Walther blue haarlem


Hello Walther collectors
Blue Haarlem available please feel free to ask for my swaps list
Cheers Nige

John Smith:
Hi Nige... May I kindly ask what you would consider as an exchange please. Are you only looking for Walther, or? Many thanks, John

Hi John
Yes it is Walther I am looking for-looking for amber/clear frosted Viktoria comport,pink/amber Petri,amber/clear or green Arabella lamp,amber/green/clear Haarlem though I am looking for a correct bowl for my pink Haarlem at the moment.
Green glasgow bowl or a pink Pierertte clock.Pink or amber koalas centrepiece.
I know nothing will come of it John as no-one has the pieces I want so will have to keep looking at the fairs/shops/centres.
I will be moving down to the South in the spring and all the times I have holidayed down there I have found some great stuff...hence the blue Viktoria.

John Smith:
Hi Oyemicanto Nige, I do have the Pierertte clock in green and also the Lowen clock, which I believe is quite scarce, but in pink and the clock is not working...   Haaaa, so you're moving down South! I find most of my glass up North. What a funny world. Perhaps I should start looking in my own manor... How on Earth did I miss the Viktoria... Did you find one down my way?  You must have seen it from under my nose. May I ask where abouts that you live? I too am looking for a green Arabella lamp or perhaps even better one in clear frosted, if at all they exist. Would be nice to meet you if you do come down this way (I dwell in Sussex.) I know quite a few places for glass... but then again we may fight for amber koalas, should we find a breeding pair of them.... lol. John

I will keep my eyes open to both of you , I am also in Sussex as well . Nige where about in the south will you be moving to.



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