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pink (ish) deco bowl

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This dish is beautiful.
The colour is hard to pin down exactly as its a matt pink. I am not sure if you call the outside frosted/sandblasted?
I have no idea. I hope the pics replace a description adequately

Any ideas of its maker/ origins

 :) Not sure if this was overlooked as posted 31st December 2012?

Thanks for any info...

Paul S.:
hello Nicky.                No - don't think it was overlooked - more a case that no one was able to provide an id.
I did briefly think that it might have been something from the Lord or Jacobean (Czechoslvakian Inwald) design range, but that 'skirt' below the top row of lenses says no.            I believe that several companies produced designs with these rectangular lens patterns, and in the absence of seeing this particular item in a book, you may not find the maker.
Have you looked through all of Pamela's glas-musterbuchs?

It's definitely frosted but whether by sand blasting or acid etching is hard to tell without handling the piece. If the feet have been ground flat (looks like they have), your bowl probably dates to the first half of the 20th century. What size is it?

Welcome to GMB, Nicky!

Bernsdorf made a similar pattern, but I tend to believe yours is Libochovice, TUDOR pattern


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