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Danish Glass Lamp - Holmegaard For Nordisk Solar...?

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No, for once I actually know who produced this lamp (Nordisk Solar Compagni, Denmark - they always very helpfully mould their name into the bulbholders of their lamps).

My main question is... who made the glass? Nordisk Solar are based in Vejen, which isn't too far from Odense. The lamp is extremely high quality, the white glass inside is very white indeed... I suppose you can see where this is heading...?  :lol: Is it likely that the glass was produced by Holmegaard? I know Kastrup & Holmegaard both made glass lamps for Copenhagen's Fog & Mørup.

I have to admit, though, I didn't know that Nordisk had made any glass lighting until I dismantled this lamp yesterday to clean it.

hello, I'm not sure who made the glass in your lamp (like you say it's possible it could be Holmegaard because of the white inner) but whoever made it I think it's BRILLIANT!  Very nice indeed  :D  lucky you.

I know - fantastic, isn't it? I originally bought it to sell on, but when it arrived the quality was so much better than I had expected (being used to a lot of really pretty but generally mid-quality Italian lamps)... so it's kind of slipped into my ever-increasing collection of glass lighting now. Oops.

Although on the issue of quality, the one aspect which might point away from Holmegaard is that the top rim is quite coarsely ground. My experience of their lighting is that this would have been polished... but then Michael Bang's 'Astronaut' lamp did have an unpolished base rim (the top rim was fire polished).


Hello Nic,  I asked a similar question about some lampshades I bought as Holmegaard. Ivo replied that even top quality lampshades were often left with rims that were only roughly ground. I still don't know if mine are Holmegaard or not, but I like them in my kitchen. I still don't have a camera, to take a pic of them now the kitchen's been done up, but I've got one of them before.

I'm not sure about your lamps. Ceiling pendants in these bright colours were more the domain of Jacob E. Bang at Kastrup Glasvaerk for Fog & Mørup, but they don't correspond with any shapes I've seen, and the ceiling plate looks more mid-late 70's than 1960-65...


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