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Hi Anne, I have this set and need some help. I don't have the dimensions to hand. Two Perfume Decanters, Ring Tidy , small Lidded Pot and Tray. There is a vase that came with it but not sure its part of the set. The vase seems to match looking at the base but it has a raised pattern to the outside, is it part of the set ? I have been through the usual sites with no luck.
 Are there any pieces missing ?  would it  have a large lidded pot ? or Candlesticks ? What age would it be ? 30's ?  50's ?  A makers name and pattern would help to get the other pieces together. It is in very good condition with no nicks or nibbles.  Happy New Year and All the very Best to the members of the GMB.   Pete

More Pics. Last one is the vase

These are Inwald items - in Carnival Glass the pattern is known as DOUBLE DIAMOND. I have a range of pieces in Carnival, which you can see here on my old website which is in archive form (I have since acquired the ring holder).

The full range of items would include a candlestick, tumble-up, brush dish, soap dish, tray, perfumes /colognes, powder jars (2 sizes) and an atomiser. I might have missed a couple  :) I don't believe the vase is part of the set.


I might give up trying to complete the set I didnt realise there were so many pieces. I will take a look at your site.  Thanks for the help Glen.

I was not convinced by the vase either. My daughter-in-law bought it for me to sell, it was her first try at glass in a charity shop : ) I will list it soon and see what it does, hopefully it will do better than she paid for it.
  The set in carnival  looks great, more interesting than the clear and with a 'Tumble up' (a great phrase) a complete set would look great. Thanks for the help


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