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Author Topic: Loetz Oceanik / Wellenoptisch in a Secessionist Van Hauten Pewter Mount  (Read 478 times)

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Picked up at the show we went to this weekend, and maybe the first example of this decor I have seen in a mount like this. The decor was produced from 1900 - 1905 and is a variant of Wellenoptisch.

I have identified the mark as being Van Hauten and apparently it indicates Bonn as the production location for the mount.

This is a fairly good sized example standing at 8.25 inches. It is 4 inches at it's waist, 4.75 across the top of the mount handles, and 2.5 inches in diameter at the base.

The pictures with the black background portray the color pretty accurately. the light background images allow you to see the "oilspot" decor on the surface, which differentiates Oceanik.

I found the following information on a reference site about Van Hauten marks. Same mark on a different decor vase. Different 4 digit number for the mount, but the same end marks. That mount read 1722, as opposed to 2374 on this example.

"This mark is as shown in the "Amtlicher Katalog der Industrie- und Gewerbe-Ausstellung Düsseldorf 1902" (Official catalogue of the Industry and Trade Exhibition Düsseldorf 1902", page 159. This catalogue gives just the Weststraße address. Shield on the right is the coat of arms for Bonn."

I thought this was a nice reference example to post here for both the Loetz decor and the Van Hauten Mark.

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Lovely Craig  ;D

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I just love the green-gold, sort of dichroic effect - it's almost eosin-y. Your brain gets beautifully confused by the mis-matching of two incompatible colours being present at the same time in the same place.
Cheers, Sue (M)

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Wish I could find pieces like that,fantastic! ;D ;D

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wish I could pronounce it ;)  -  but yes, very attractive Craig.

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It's gorgeous as is your other purchase (no idea about that one at all but it's stunning).  I think every Art Nouveau collection should have at least one piece in a beautiful metal frame.



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