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Art Nouveau Style Crystal Vase New Photos

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I bought this very large (11.75 in) crystal (clear) vase.  It is mould blown with a rock crystal cutting - at least that is what I is the method of the design.

There is one area of the vase which has a small pebbled panel, that I believe is from a mould.  But the rest of the design looks cut but very shallow and highly polished.  The bottom has a recessed pontil mark which is polished.  The bottom around the pontil mark is heavily marked with age scratches.

All photos - 1 link

Separate photos

One side of the vase

Other side of the vase

Detail of flower

Pebbled area

Pattern on rim


Any idea of the maker?  It is much more impressive in real life.

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No comments? Anyone?  Please throw me a crumb here  :lol:

Not English :? No more thoughts, sorry

I am thinking it might be early Libbey.  I am going to have to search the bottom again for a signature.

Libbey is one of a few companies that had the expertise to do this intricate cutting and polishing at least here in America.

Thank you, Christine and Simone.  Negative comments are just as helpful as attributions.  It helps to know who it is not  :D

I was struck by the similarities in the cutting on Patrick's goblets and this vase.  Not the actual design but the intricacy of the cutting and finish.

Could this also be Stevens & Williams?


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