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Art Nouveau Style Crystal Vase New Photos

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Strangely Connie, that's what I thought too.  Mind you, it could be because I've spent a while looking for Patrick's goblet and I'm obsessing slightly!

Isn't this vase mould blown then cut?  Is that a possibility?  

Edit:  I simply can't tell from the photos (although they're good).  I thought at first some of the design was proud of the body of the vase.  Not sure now.

Yes, Max it does appear to be mould blow first and then intricately cut over most of the surface of the vase.

It is a &itch to photograph because of the intricate design and the shape.  I can't get a shot through just 1 layer of glass so all the shots are both side superimposed on each other  :oops:

Cut a piece of paper to size and place inside the goblet to photograph it, try different colours for best effect.


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