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Blown glass vegetables - murano???

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Newbie here.
I have recently been told that the glass vegetables I was about to put on ebay may actually be murano glass.  I have a red, a yellow and a green pepper, a garlic bulb and an aubergine.  There are no obvious markings/etchings and they were unlabelled.  The theory that they may be murano is simply based on the fact that the person that gave them to us would be more likely to buy murano glass although I think they may have come from Barleylands in Essex, UK.  Any ideas on how I can determine if they are or not.  There is a local auction house I can take them to but thought I'd try via the boards first. 
Many thanks for any help.

Welcome to the board. If you think they may be from Barleylands (, I would email the glassblowers there and ask if they made them.

The other more likely option than Murano is China. There seems to be a surfeit of Chinese glass vegetables (though ebay would have you believe they were all made in Murano)

Pictures would help us to give a better opinion

Hi there,
I've tried uploading photographs but the files are too big - will keep trying.  Have also tried barleylands but no joy I'm afraid.  Sworders have said they will take a look at them for me so might go to one of their valuation days.  Many thanks.

You need to resize high-res pics so that the longest dimension is about 700 pixels. That should work. Auction houses aren't always that good at glass...

Hopefully garlic attached!


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