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Ravenhead Factory Photos

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Came across this whilst looking for something else - seemed quite sad that the contents were just left:

(Eyeing up the abandoned catalogues here  :-[ ) but wow, it really does look so sad.
My collections of Apollo and Nevada glasses were made there.  Now nothing is.  :'(

Aye, it's always the abandoned paperwork and ephemera that gets me most in these places - valuable historical resources just left to rot.

There are several disused potteries on the same forum, and there are original product drawings, work-logs, moulds, etc... all just left to vandals and bacteria (arguably, they're indistinguishable but for that bacteria serves a purpose).

I knew the factory quite well and went there in the late 1980's when we worked together making glass for them for Boots.
In fact I just escaped with my life when a giant wrench got stuck on an 8 head revolving blow and press machine.
As it mved teh wrench all of 3 feet long was thrown off and came whistling over our heads to land two feet behind a group  of us.
No plastic helmets, in thoses day, not that they would have been on much protection.
"Wow! That was a close one!", said their MD Cubby Aschenbach, an American sent over to return the company to profit. He left soon afterwards.

eeeeeeeeek!  :o
I bought my first set of large Apollos from Boots, for 3.45.


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