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Red cased clear lamp ID needed

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I recently purchased this lamp.
It is pressed red cased glass - thick, 14cm high, 1kg, and looks to be sklo union to me.
I was informed that it could be by Miroslav Klinger - but I am unable to find any pressed glass by him - so i feel this is unlikely.
any help in helping me identify would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the board. It's not pressed. Rather it's mould blown. I don't think you can case and press

Hi, welcome. I saw the label and thought maybe Murano, but the label seems to say SV... KRI... maybe German Kristall? The shape looks quite German.... not sure it is Czech does the label say KRI... if so German seems possible??

Robert (bOBA)

Or Svensk Kristall perhaps...  ???

same label also found on a paperweight.... so maybe retailer


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