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Verlux/Verlys Help please...

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John Smith:
Happy New Year To All...

Am confused (or even barking up the wrong tree perhaps)
Are Verlux & Verlys, one the same? Was Verlux glass produced in Luxembourg??? I know about the reason as to the Verlys name etc. but the Verlux thing has me confused.
Verlux, does seem to originate from France, but if its associated to Verlys, why the change of moulded mark? Any help/discussion/opinion about this would be most welcome. John

Hi John,

Verlux and Verlys are not the same. Verlys was produced by Societee Holophane; some Verlys patterns were also sold under the name 'Des Hanots' in some markets.

Verlux is often thought to have been produced at Choisy-le-Roi/ Sevres, but I've seen no evidence for this. Cappa suggests a possible Etling link, however this is also unsubstantiated.


John Smith:
Cheers Steven... Very interesting. I knew of the Societee Holophane association. I have say 15 pieces of Verlys. The Cappa suggestion is also intriguing, as I have heard Sabino being mentioned with Verlux pieces.
The Choisy-le-Roi area (including Sevres) I will look into, and as you say, Etling too, though numerous freelanced for Etling, even though their mainstay of glass production was at Choisy-le-Rois.
I have no firm evidence either, though I do feel that Verlys may have used glassworkers and designers based at Choisy-le-Rois... perhaps, though it cannot be substantiated and is just my own opinion.
My Verlux piece is simply marked in moulded script VERLUX. A sparrow mascot, which has an opalescence of very creamy yellow. Unlike my Etling items or Sevres, Sabino or indeed my Verlys glass...
I shall try to take some pics, together with the signature at some point.
Verlux however is not exactly that uncommon a name. Many items appear, but???
Many thanks to you... At the very least I can now rule out LUXEMBOURG as an association... John 

John Smith:
... Oh, just one other thing before I crash for my night. I have messaged a girl that I know who lives in Luxembourg. Her Grandfather worked at Verlys and designed several pieces. Her info, if she is able to help, I am sure will be of interest to us all. Thanks Steven. John

John Smith:
Hello Steven... I've heard back from my friend in Luxembourg, and she has confirmed the following, which though cannot be sacrosanct is still perhaps a good indicator. The Ver-Lys name info is well doccumented, but the Etling association less so. I guess that it is good enough for me until something more comes to light! Many thanks again. John

 “ My grandfather and is father worked in the glassmaking throughout their entire life (50 years for my grandfather...)  to Holophane, verrerie Les Andelys (ver-lys). Verlux  is the second signature ETLING…”


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