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Tall Blue Vase... Murano ?


This vase is 40cm in height. it has a blue and white effect and look as if the pattern was pulled through the glass (if you know what I mean and sometimes even I dont !) It is a good solid piece of glass and to me feels like good quality. The base finish can be seen in the photo, some very fine wheel marks can be seen. I have looked and seen a similar pattern on Murano Pieces.

That is more likely to be Empoli than Murano.

Thanks Ivo, I have looked at Blenko Glass (a lot) but cant find a match in the shape, colour or glass. Do you have any links to Blenko I might have missed ? Some I saw had a white inner cased in blue in lots of vases whereas this looks like a clear inner cased in  blue. Here are a few more pics, any more clues or hints ?   Thanks

I think you mean clear outer and blue inner. It could be from anywhere, though Blenko and especially Murano seem unlikely

Right again lustrousstone  ;D I went through Murano and couldn't see it either. I like this piece so it is on display for now until I find out more (hopefully). I usually find things while looking for other things. Thanks.


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