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Murano Ashtray


Hi, I have this ashtray, 14cm, easily recognised as Murano. Highly polished base with wear marks. The info I see all say 60's 70's 80's Sommerso. I understand that Sommerso means submerged but could do with an explanation if anyone can offer one. Is there a way of better ageing the pieces rather than having a 30 yr spread ? I did think it had a uranium hint when I saw it because the green has a 'glow' to it. Very clever in my opinion. It is green and a yellowish/amber colour but my eyes are a bit deceiving at times so if there is an official colourway please let me know.   Thanks

Looks more cased than sommerso. Side on the top layer should look like a bowl of the inside colour submerged in an outer bowl of a second colour. There should be clear delineation between the colours. There are also those that argue that sommerso requires at least three colours, one of which could be clear.

This is a good example of sommerso. Any green at the sides is reflection.

Whereas this is cased

I doubt you'll find a manufacturer though. A side on shot and a top shot against a white background would be good. All the wood grain is unhelpful

Couldn't ask for a better explanation. I will be home tomorrow and get some better pictures sorted. Thanks lustrousstone, again, as ever very helpful and informative.    Pete.

Here are some better pictures. It is cased and now that you explained it so clearly I understand the terms better. When I first started  looking at glass a few year ago I thought this guy Sommerso made a helluva lot of glass  ;D ;D ;D ;D

flying free:
Rofl  ;D


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