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One more "what is it?"


Here I go - back in my television game show mode.

The subject here is a 3 inch paperweight with paper thin petals and carpet.  I've had some conjecture from people on this side of the pond that it's probably American, maybe old (I know it predates 1978!).

One person mentioned John Gentile or maybe Degenhart, but I think that was simply throwing out names.

I like this weight.  The colors are nice, the shape of the lampwork is nice.  All this probably means that it's a worthless piece of glass good for nothing more than holding paper.  Maybe I should drill some holes from the top and make it into a pencil holder???  :lol:

Okay Frank - I'll save you a posting - Maybe I should drill from the bottom and make another stirrup cup for paperweight hunters.

Hi Don,

I think it might be gentile, but am not 100%,


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