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Registration date error in Cottle, ‘Sowerby - Gateshead Glass” 1886.


Just to point out that, for anyone who uses Simon Cottle’s “Sowerby – Gateshead Glass”, 1986, ISBN 090597427, for research or reference, that there is an error on page 100 regarding the date of the first batch of 1878 registrations:
Cottle assigns a registration date of 20 January 1878 to a parcel of 7 registration numbers – 318789 to 318795.  The registration date should, in fact be 20 FEBRUARY 1878 [Parcel 3].

The registration dates for this Sowerby registration parcel are correct in Thompson,  Slack, and at

Thank you!  My copy is now marked up.


Thank you, mine too

Paul S.:
mine also - thanks for letting us know. :)


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