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Vasart or Ysart Brothers?

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Again I cannot find an exact cane match to decide whether this is Vasart or earlier, the blue star canes appear particularly unusual as they are made up of lots of tiny pinhead canes it seems.

It may not be too obvious against my background but there is a sliight grey tinge to the glass, is this a problem with the mix ( too much manganese as causes purple or something else?)

Size is 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches. 81mm x 56mm

Thanks in advance

This weight would need to be checked with shortwave uv to tell if it is Ysart Brothers (Vasart) or Vasart Ltd.

Note that Ysart Brothers traded under the Vasart name, so "Vasart" applies to everything from 1946 through to 1964, but the company changed name in 1956 after both Salvador and Augustine Ysart had died. That is why I have always tried to maintain references to "Ysart Brothers" [with or without the "(Vasart)" ending] and "Vasart Ltd".

Thanks Kevin I'll get a UV lamp, is long wave ever needed too?


Longwave uv is very useful for Scottish weights as it is a first indicator for separating:
- Paul Ysart weights into "pre-Caithness" and "Caithness
- various millefiori weights and bottles that contain "Vasart / Ysart" and/or Strathearn canes but which are generally regarded as "unkown maker" items (probably made after 1980).

Under UV light it is either flourescing blue under shortwave or just reflecting the UV?
Under longwave it flouresces green. Does this seem correct?



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