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date request for Perthshire p/w

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Paul S.:
not my area at all so forgive the ignorance, and naively thought that the 'P' was a date code.         Internet seems to be saying that pre 1979 Perthshire pieces also frequently show the year - which, however, I can't see on this one  -  is it possible to date this item please.            I also seem to be reading that these pastel canes, plus the bristol blue base, were often a trade mark of Peter McDougall, and hoping someone might be able to confirm of I'm right or wrong.         Diameter is about 2.5" - 62mm and base has ground/polished pontil depression.         Thanks for looking :) 

Only a few designs had the date letters added from A in 1969 to Z in 1994. Some designs also had a date cane set in the base P1980 etc. I've not heard of the blue base and pastel canes being specific to Peter.

This is a PP2 the hollow ground base and central P cane shows it to be made after 1978. Before '78 it would have a fire polished base and no P cane.


Paul S.:
thanks for the informative reply - very much appreciated. :)         


Hi Paul.

You don't say where on the internet you saw this comment about pre-1979 pieces often being dated, but it sounds like a site to avoid in future (along with Hobbizine, for example). There are some very good paperweight sites on the internet, but - sadly - some very bad / misleading ones too.


Paul S.:
hi Alan  -  unfortunately, I don't now remember.            I often view reams of internet sites whilst in the pursuit of information when I'm in the dark (frequently) about some newish subject, but mostly don't recall where I've been looking.          If I can remember, I'll post details, otherwise many thanks for the advice. :)


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