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My recent buy`s

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These are my most recent buys some i know ( Heron glass, Murano 1950`s, Chinese,) and i think  the blue noe may be WF? . But not sure any help on this one thank you.

Your Murano is Scottish; Strathearn I suspect. We need to see the base of the blue one please. None of them look especially Chinese except perhaps the clear one. The Heron one is Heron. I suggest you post the other separately with base shots, though the red and green could be done together

Hi Christing
Sorry it`s taken so long,But here thy are ,I have a lot more now,

Ahh, the green and red are Murano cos they have old labels, the yellow one might be Murano or Chinese, the swirly one is Teign Valley Glass because it too has a label, the blue one looks closer to China than London (WF) because of the base and the clear casing, the clear one just looks odd now and the spoked one is still Scottish

Thank you Christing. I will post the new one`s as soon as.


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