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Closure of Isle of Wight Studio Glass

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Nothing in the news yet,  just  a tweet on Mark Hill's blog, copied and pasted.

"Shocked and very sad to hear about the closure of Isle of Wight Studio Glass. Will find out more when I get back to my office next week."

Oh dear. The website is down. The studio was due to reopen tomorrow after Christmas

--- Quote ---Last updated 22nd December 2012. The Studio, Shop & Coffee Shop closes for Christmas on the 22nd December and re-opens on the 7th January 2013
--- End quote ---

Very sad news.

Site message now says,

--- Quote ---"Down for Maintenance

This store is unavailable.

Very sorry but Isle of Wight Studio Glass is no longer trading."
--- End quote ---

Very sad news indeed.   :'(

Oh My!  What a dreadful start to 2013 for them. I am so sorry.


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