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Closure of Isle of Wight Studio Glass

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It really is a fabulous location and set-up for glass-making, even if the island is a bit out of reach.
One would have hoped it would be sold as an ongoing concern, with the staff being kept on.  :'(

The news from Ron Wheeler is that IOWSG is due to be placed into creditors’ voluntary liquidation on 18th January 2013. Perhaps we shall get more news about what the options are for the company at that time. I can't imagine Timothy Harris not producing glass in some capacity.

Neither can I.  ;)

marie anne:
This news makes me very sad. I made a tourist visit to IOWSG last summer and was very impressed by the skill and team work of the glass-blowers there.  It is an amazing place.  I hope very much that some "real takeover" happens.

If I can preserve their website via I willl.... but need someone to take the initiative re contacts etcetera...


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