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Closure of Isle of Wight Studio Glass

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I think my objection is more to IoWSG selling me.
Tim told me when I joined the club that it meant that I was now part of the "Harris family".

I feel betrayed.

It is a corporate world, peeps are now units of commodities.

I don't join "clubs". It was a huge and really distasteful thing for me to have done, but I couldn't buy a vase I'd fallen in love with if I didn't. because it was CC exclusive. It was at the very first Open Day at the Studio. Tim was, I thought, trying to comfort me to make up for having had to do it.

I know you're right, Frank, but it still comes as a nasty shock every time it happens. I don't understand the corporate manners(or rather, the lack of them) of thinking- I think in a utilitarian manner.

Manners have no impact on the balance sheet, which is all that counts today sadly.

Do you know if those lots were sold?

The Harris family bought the important assets including designs etc.

Perhaps not so long now for the rebirth (whatever form it takes):



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