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Closure of Isle of Wight Studio Glass

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How sad to see such enterprise coming to an end after so long.

And what a loss to the world of beautiful glass.

I have just heard the disasterous news! From 2nd January 2013 Isle of Wight Studio Glass have gone into administration!  :'(  The news I have is that
--- Quote ---Whilst the company ceased trading on 2nd January, it is still a live company.
--- End quote ---
What that means exactly I am not sure, but apparently all employees of the company have lost their jobs. My heart goes out to them. Portland Business & Financial Solutions is the firm of insolvency practitioners instructed by the directors of the studio. I'll keep you posted if I get more news. If fellow collectors of IOWSG know more I would be glad to hear it. Thanks.


I don't know any more than you, Anton - and I didn't know all employees had lost their jobs!
That is completely tragic, particularly with their "all in it together" philosophy.

David E:
It may be that the insolvency practitioners still consider it to be a going concern that can find new owners. But after the debacle of Poole Pottery and Wedgwood Museum, I wouldn't hold out too much hope of a "real" takeover - more like some bl**dy asset-strippers...

flying free:
This is terrible news. I feel very sad for all those who have lost their jobs and livelihood.


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