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acid removal of heavy scratching on u. glass.

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Paul S.:
I'm glad that something good came out of this discussion :)         Useful to know that micro-mesh has its uses in the war against glass discolouration or whatever.         Not really possibly to show an image of the magnitude of scratches on this Sunshine Amber piece - but can say that for a couple of inches at the bottom they really are horrendous  -   looks like someone has been cleaning it with sand!        The only way out would be to go down through the grits, starting with something like 600!
I'm more annoyed with myself more than anything, for not spotting the damage before buying, but I'm really keen on these deco style pieces and they have a massive glow, so am loathe to bin it  -  guess some silocone grease and a location at the back of the cabinet will help. ;)

Paul, before you try anything else, it's worth mentioning that I had a badly water fogged old glass which defied all my attempts at removing the fogging, until I poured pineapple juice into it, and it magically lost all the fogging. It's a cheap option to try before anything else...

Paul S.:
thanks Dame Anne  -  however, as I've explained earlier in this thread my problem is light years more extreme than 'fogging'  -  to the extent that a finger nail dragged across the affected area actually judders over the scratches. :'(         I really can't imagine how inept someone has been - when presumably cleaning the vase.       However, these pieces are so gorgeous that I'll close my eyes to the damage.
I have pineapple junks with my porridge on these cold mornings  -  do you think that has cleaned my insides ;)

I dread to think what it does to your innards Paul! But it shocked me with the results on my glass, I can tell you. Having tried every other suggestion made on the board short of a physical repolisher...  I do know that soaking meat in pineapple juice causes it to become incredibly soft and tender, so perhaps your innards are being affected... !!! ;D

Paul S.:
.............I'm always soft and tender - with or without the pineapple ;)


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