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acid removal of heavy scratching on u. glass.

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A well known restorer once told me if the scratches were very deep you may just end up with polished scratches . hmmmmm  :-\

Polished scratches are ok. You can then call it cut glass  8)

Thanks for the micro mesh tip. Just used it on a vase that has been bugging me for years.

Worked like a charm and only took half an hour of rubbing with various grades.

Micro-mesh themselves say
--- Quote ---Glass has a much harder molecular structure than acrylic or polycarbonate and although some damage might be abe to be removed, you would be unable to polish it back out to optical clarity...
--- End quote ---
but this might be good enough for glassware as Nemmie attests.
I guess you could you use it in water for U glass, preventing airborne particles.

The vase had a ring well more like a double ring or several rings from water sitting in it.

Nothing else I have tried over the years had made any difference so I am very happy. I suppose fogging would be a different matter.

I wish I had taken a before pic because the transformation is really impressive.


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