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Shipping Help for Brockwitz cockatoo centerpiece and bowl

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Hi I am new to this forum so not really sure if I am posting this in the right place.

I have an excellnt condition Blue glass Brockwitz Cockatoo centrepiece and bowl which i am thinking of selling, once I have established what it is worth but am really worried about posting it outside the UK and would really prefer the buyer to collect.

It seems to me that the international postage costs are so high with insurance that it may put buyers off, but I need to get it insured otherwise if it gets broken I will not be covered. Can anyone offer any advice please.  :)

There is a great risk sending overseas.I packed a Brockwitz blue Fortuna bowl with demountable birds and it was packed very well indeed and it still got to Australia in pieces.
As a seller even though you pack well and tell the buyer this and the parcel gets there broken (out of all places around the world I have posted the worst is Australia...even a well established Deco glass dealer from the fairs I know refuses to send there now)
the buyer will insist a full refund.
I have been out of pocket many many times.Glass is only insured for loss and Royal mail will only give you 46 back if lost in transit.
There is no courier that will insure against breakage of glass.
If I were you I am sure there are buyers closer to home that would give you a great price for the piece and you would have better piece of mind knowing it would get there safely......sometimes piece of mind,hassle free transaction is better than a little more money.
Some people will probably think I am being biased.....but I am speaking from experience and am only offering good advice.
Cheers Nige


I have also sold to Australia several hundred times over the last 10 years including many large heavy pieces by couriers and have never had any breakages or lost parcels. I agree there are no couriers who will insure glass and there is always an element of risk when selling overseas .


John Smith:
... I totally agree with Roy and oyemincanto. One thing that I would DEFFINATELY ask for, is confirmation from ANY purchaser overseas that they purcahse at their own risk and that YOU are not responsible once the item has left your custody and is in the hands of a courier. One other thing which I personally do is to take photos of each and every stage of packaging, particularly with moulded glass.. There are many liars out there, who will already have a damaged piece and will then try to say that what YOU sent to them is in fact what they already have... eplay/playfoul will not be on your side as a seller, and the purchaser shall win on all counts.  I have dispatched the most fragile of items overseas without any breakages, and as Roy perhpas, many many times, but then again it has got to be packaged VERY well. Only this week I have purchaserd two Lalique mascots  for example, here in England... I would rather drive the 300 miles there and back to collect them personally which I shall do, rather than to trust any other on this planet to courier the pieces for me.  At the end of the day, if you do not feel comfortable to sell overseas, then dont, would be my best advice to anybody.  You may very well regret doing so and have many sleepless nights. Sell the piece to me instead.... I will give you a very fair price...  and subject to where you are, will also collect. John

Hi again
There is also the option of sending signed for so that the buyer at the other end has to sign for the parcel in person.
John is correct in saying there are many liars out there.....if sent normal airmail it isn't tracked and so there is nothing stopping the buyer saying it didn't arrive when in fact it did as there is no proof of delivery with that service,so then the buyer says it hasn't arrived and you give a refund.
Unfortunately the online auction sites can be a playground for bad activity as I have experienced.
I am sure John would give you a very good price-sell to him lol


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