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Shipping Help for Brockwitz cockatoo centerpiece and bowl

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While i remember while i was at a fair at Lincolnshire i bought a couple of large Brockwitz bowls and a couple of smaller items and i got a packing firm at the fair to pack called Robinsons ,they did a very good job , bubble wrap then foam rubber then a box then bubble wrap and more foam rubber inside another box the old double box trick ,i took it to post office where we stayed in Kensington and posted from local post office by Royal mail , it beat us home took only 7 days ,Thanks REX

John Smith:
... I agree about the price. If you intend to sell it by auction then set a reserve, and just as REX & Theresa suggest, should it not sell then keep it. Its value is not destined to diminish and there are many collectors who would wish this piece. The bowls themselves are often seen, the cockatoo's less so, and as for the sets?
I have not seen one being offered online in blue glass for as long as I can remember. 

Blimey! One would think that ANY package would be insured against LOSS subject of course to having the item Recorded or whatever. I totally agree, "LOSS" should be the responsibilty of ANY courier! Damage is one thing, but if a courier cannot carry without losing, then perhaps they should consider a change of career? lol


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