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Shipping Help for Brockwitz cockatoo centerpiece and bowl

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John Smith:
... without influence, there are indeed MANY sellers who insist upon insurance, even though they know that glass cannot be insured, and that is for their own financial gain. A few extra 's.
Proof of postage from the courier, MY PROOF that I mailed the piece
and a signed for delivery is good enough for me...
Though item tracking can give peace of mind to the purchaser.
... anything else is a waste of money for both seller & purchase alike, when it comes to glass.
Some purchasers know this too, as so do "I" as a collector...
This week alone I have mailed twenty items to Brazil and as many again to Indonesia...
NONE with insurance...
NONE with item tracking...
but ALL with proof of postage and "MY" photographs which can establish the same. I have saved ME and the PURCHASER much wasted expense.
I only sell privately. I am not to answer to or under the constraints of ePlay or playFoul...
thank heavens.

Thanks oymicanto... I could not agree more.

... and should you wish to consider my offer to purchase this peice,
then please contact me Solar1  by email: lizzy AT gmx DOT co DOT uk
[Mod: email address anti-spammed - always best to just refer to the email icon to the left under the User details.]

NO CRANK EMAILS PLEASE! from anybody else. They bore me and me will be junked. 

Or you could list on Ebay as collection only and let the market decide the price.

There seems to be a lot of passive aggression in the Glass Market Place of late and this thread contains some prime examples.

Special Delivery does cover glass in the UK providing it is packaged well and marked as fragile. So that is another option available to you for UK sales.

I have to agree with Nemmie's comments regarding this thread.

Having sold close to a thousand items of glass on ebay over the years I have had a couple of items delayed for a few weeks before delivery, one item lost, one item broken and a single dishonest buyer who was English.

The overwhelming vast majority of people are perfectly trustworthy.


There have been over the years some shocking behaviour on this site a sort of clique mentality.
I go a lot of the fairs when I can as I do have a full time job and the glass dealers/collectors I have the pleasure to speak to have said they find some people on this site have the most appalling manners.I agree.
As a child growing up with disabled parents I was open to the most foul bullying from children and was beaten up on several occasions.
As I have developed into an adult I will not tolerate bullying and I have had many occasions when I have stood up to people face to face and they have come off a lot worse,I can reduce many to tears now lol
Always stand up to the bullies,and sometimes I find this the case on here.
Anyway back to the topic in hand I would definately sell to a UK collector as it would be more secure to send and there are plenty of UK collectors who would give you a terrific price...good luck!


--- Quote ---One thing that I would DEFFINATELY ask for, is confirmation from ANY purchaser overseas that they purcahse at their own risk and that YOU are not responsible once the item has left your custody and is in the hands of a courier.
--- End quote ---

This is entirely unenforceable under UK trading legislation - distance selling regulations state, quite rightly, that the responsibility for the item sold remains that of the seller until the buyer receives it and accepts that it is what they want.

Also, on the compensation front, Royal Mail will cover broken glass - if worth under 46, or insured if worth over 46 - under every service except for Standard Parcels. This includes airmail.

Couriers won't cover broken glass, but have much more generous size/weight restrictions, and so it is easy to over-compensate in the amount of packing you use. If your parcel weighs over 2kg, or is oversized for Royal Mail, try websites like - they're a broker for space with major couriers, and can get big discounts with folk like FedEx, TNT, etc..., often much less than half the price of booking it with them yourself, or using Royal Mail. They also have insurance schemes, which are still good for in case parcels get lost.


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