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Flavio Poli bowl


I have a bowl that is not signed or dated and was wondering
If there is a way to identify it as being by Flavio Poli
For Seguso.
It's very appealing and heavy and was sold to me as that. I paid $1,100 and bought it
From a shop where I bought other glass. I was told that this piece came from a collector. 
Were works by Flavio Poli ever signed? How would you go about identifying it?
Appreciate your comments

Welcome to the board. We really need pictures to help you. Here is some help,6522.0.html

Pictures would definitely help. However, it might be difficult to to attribute with any certainty without seeing the piece.

Unfortunately, pieces attributed to Poli abound both on the Internet and in some stores.  I'm in Vancouver, B.C. and I regularly see pieces attributed to Poli that the seller can't provide a reasonable explanation of why he (it's always a he) thinks it's Poli.

Your best bet is the store where you bought it. Do you trust the seller? Is he able to give you a convincing explanation of why it's Poli?  Convincing to me would be reference to an authoritative book, which pictured the same piece, or the same from a major auction house, such as Dr. Fischer. Not convincing would be eBay, an Internet auction house, and "I've see a lot of Poli and I'm sure this is one."

$1100 doesn't seem a lot for a Poli, but it's certainly enough to make you want to be sure that you're getting the genuine goods.


Pics would be needed to verify if it is. I have an extensive collection of SVdA pieces and I am cataloguing pieces I don't have in my collection, so I might be able to help if I have seen it before.


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