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Good day. . I am reaching out to glass experts in hopes of finding some further information on a piece of glass that has been in my family for over a century... i have 4  pictures that i am attaching
This item stands about 7 inches tall. I was always lead to believe it was a pickle dish, but I'm not so sure. Any information you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for you time


Hiya Teri and welcome to the glass message board. You have a nice item on your hands, in an attractive colour. I'd rather call it a tobacco jar than a pickle jar - but that does not help you on very much. 

It works a bit German or Belgian - but could also be from your southern neighbours.  This is, of course,  pure speculation on my part.

The Americans would call this a pickle castor I believe. A base shot and a rim shot of the glass might help. Are there any markings on the metal?

there is a stamp on the bottom of the silver base, but its a misprint, and the stamp missed a portion of the metal. the only think i can make out is a 0125

In the U.S. we would call it a pickle castor, however without the SP company name its impossible to attribute & even then it would be difficult because many SP companies simply made the SP holders & subcontracted the glass jars to glass manufacturers. Yours is a bit different as most (vast majority) of configurations featured a handle & looking at the base of yours I am wondering if the handle has broken off at some period in time. Example of one I've had is below.


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