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Help!  I came across a Mats Jonasson paperweight of a rabbit, signed "Mats Jonasson Sweden 3281".

I'm having trouble locating exactly when it was made.  I have found identical ones on Ebay and other places, but they are marked "33281".

The sticker is off mine and only the residue remains, so I'm in the dark.  All help gratefully received.

Dating Mats Jonasson is difficult as the models are often produced over long time periods, 33281 is still listed as in production & is shown in the 2009 catalogue as a current piece but as to when it was introduced I don't know:

Thanks, and yep, that looks exactly like mine.  I haven't been able to get a photo of mine yet, but that's definitely it, except for my missing additional "3".   I got mine for $1 in an op shop and I'd have hated to pay the original asking price, so I'm feeling good about it, but I'd still like to know why the difference?

I've been attracted to Scandinavian glass for a while now and often buy something on spec and when I get home and put on my glasses or get out a magnifying glass I find out it's Scandi again. 

Perhaps the missing 3 indicates earlier rather than later production but as to how early that's anyones guess....

Thanks, I was wondering if it was because of a different manufacturer?  Målerås or Royal Krona or someone else?


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