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nuutajarvi Vase


Hi, this piece has the label for the period 1977 - 1993. It is 17.5cm high. No sig that I can find. Is it part of  the 'Volcano' range as it is the only thing with this style of bubble pattern. Does anyone know the designer and approximate age ?

"Kanerva" range, designed by Björn Weckström, 1978-86.


Thanks Rocco. Its a nice looking piece. Couldnt find a thing until now.

Just adding: the Kanerva -range consists of  6 different objects.

The technique includes the use of some typographic powder that makes the copper shaded bubbles.

He used the same technique in some opaline items too.

Thanks for that. I have had a look and seen a few pieces. I like them but as usual I have to move it on straight away. I get to enjoy it for a week or two. I have listed it...

Much appreciated rocco & px


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